PIM'S TEKDIVING PTD is an organization which focuses 100% on technical diving. One can get training from Nitrox diver until Tri-Mix Instructor Trainer. 

PTD is the only diving school which only conducts technical diving training from different technical diving agencies. 

PTD HQ is located in Abbenes (The Netherlands). Facilities are located throughout Europe.

Mission of PTD
PTD introduces technical diving to a broader diving public and puts safety first! That's why PTD demands the most from its instructors and facilities. PTDcontributes actively to (technical) diving research and (training).

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Pim's Tekdiving PTD

November 15th 2015 I was at the Tekdive15 show in Belgium. Vobster was also present. With the new Sentinel Redhead. They got CE 6 weeks ago. The Redhead has some important improvements. Here are some of them. The head has been re-engineered completely. The head is now moulded and much lighter. The oxygen cells module can now be changed from the outside. The batteries of the module can be charged from the outside. This is also the case for the batteries of the computer and handsets. The heavy manifold has been removed. Now there is a much smaller and lighter one: the lining of the hoses inside the case is much cleaner. The tanks can be easily and better fitted. The colour displays of the handsets have been modified: much easier to read. The case and cover of the CCR have been changed. Now the Sentinel Red Head can stand upright. The BOV has also been changed: it has become lighter. The CO2 monitor and the temp stick are now standard. The power of the CPU has been increased: the response and alerts are much quicker displayed on the handsets and the HUD’s (instantaneously): a big improvement. The high pressure sensors are now hardwired and less prone to connection problems. The retail price of the new Redhead will be around 9000 EUR, ready to dive. An upgrade offer for “old” Sentinels also exist. The price is attractive, because Vobster re-uses the old components. For instructors they have a special incentive program. The Redhead upgrade looks promising, the price is competitive. But the CCR market is not easy and the competition is tough. https://www.facebook.com/vobstermarinesystems/ http://www.vmsrebreathers.com ... read more

16th November, 2015

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